Database Details

  • Database developed by CiviCore initially for Urban Life Skills program
    • CiviCore has been working closely with Urban Life Skills, Precious Blood, Lawndale Christian Legal Center, Circles and Ciphers and IPSSJ to develop and updated database that fits the needs of an RJ Hub network with multiple users
  • Each organization has a separate contact with CiviCore and owns their own data
    • There is a small monthly fee that the organization pays to CiviCore for data management, backup and assistance
  • The database will allow agencies to quickly and easily access their data for reporting needs
    • Reports can be set up and modified by each site
    • Reports can be used to help with supervision, funding, and evaluation
    • The database is accessed electronically so it can be used at any time
  • Organizations are able to track all of the indicators listed above in the “how to measure” section and also have the ability to add additional measures or forms across all hubs at once
    • Ex. mentoring, case notes, programming, activities, intake info/demographics, surveys



Benefits of a Shared Database

  • A shared database allows aggregate reports to be run across all RJ Hubs sites at once for various indicators
    • When applying for a grant to support the overall RJ Hubs efforts, the work of the hub network needs can be viewed as a whole
    • When presenting on the RJ Hub concept, all organizations have the ability to run aggregate reports across the Hubs to discuss the efforts overall

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