Short Term

  • Expansion of the RJ Hub network
  • Increased victim and offender satisfaction with outcomes
  • Increased inter-organizational collaboration
  • Reduced number of suspensions and expulsions
  • Increased contact with court involved youth


  • School improvements
    • Increased attendance, GPA, graduation rate, etc.
  • Reduced Incarceration rates
    • reduce the population of JTDC
    • reduce the costs of the justice system
      • financial savings to Cook County
  • Reduced number of contacts with the law
  • Increased court compliance
  • Intergenerational connectedness
  • Improved relations with schools, law enforcement and service providers

Long Term

  • Restorative justice practices become the norm
  • Juvenile detention facilities become obsolete
  • Communities become safer
  • Decreased violence
  • Decriminalization of communities
  • Improvement in quality of life
    • Education, employment, community engagement
  • Increased peer support and life expectations

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