Radical Hospitality

  • Mission, vision and values compatible with RJ hubs
  • Easily accessible location for youth/community members
    • Address________________________________________________
  • Located in a targeted community area (need, will and capacity)
  • Open during times when youth need access
    • Day/Hours open ______________________________________________
  • Are all youth welcome?
    • Any restrictions____________________________________________________
  • Number of staff currently working
    • Full time/part time/volunteer _________________________________________
    • Staff turnover? ____________________________________________________
  • Greeter/Welcoming person?
  • Food/snacks available?


  • Working with target population
  • Mentoring program in place
    • How many youth can organization currently work with? ____________________
      • Number of youth per mentor?___________________________________
      • Additional description?________________________________________
    • How long do they work with each youth? ________________________________
    •  How are mentors chosen? ____________________________________________
  • Assisting youth with making school connections
    • Follow up
  • Helping with education issues
  • Helping youth with employment needs
    • Gaining skills
    • Gaining a job
    • Staff available to go with youth to resources?

Building Relationships with youth and families

  • Working with families of youth
  • Sitting in circle
  • Using restorative practices

Relentless engagement of stakeholders and systems

  • Connected with other agencies in the community
  • Working with probation/parole/juvenile justice system/Judges
    • Explain_________________________________________________________
  • Working with schools

Data Collection

  • Tracking or documenting any data on programming?
    • Currently tracking ________________________________________________
    • Written program plan?________________________________________________
      • Logic model?
    • Challenges________________________________________________________


  • Restorative Justice and Circle training
    • Number trained circle keepers___________________________________
    • Who trained them? ________________________________________________
    • Type of training (ie 1 day overview, 4 day intensive)_________________________
  • ACEs training (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
    • Number staff trained_____________________________________________
    • Who trained them?________________________________________________
  • Mentoring training
    • Number straff trained_____________________________________________
    • Who trained them?________________________________________________
  • Training needs ____________________________________________________
    • Data collection and documentation
  • Do you offer any trainings? ________________________________________________


  • What funding is in place currently?________________________________________
    • How long is funding available_________________________________________
  • What funding is needed over time?___________________________________________
  • Likelihood of securing funds?______________________________________________

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