Formed in 2012 through a partnership between community organizations and academic and governmental partners, the RJ Hubs share a common goal: uplift communities to claim their full potential as forces for positive, sustainable change.

The concept centers on building capacity to resolve crime and conflict without relying on the use of costly confinement.

We address three essential questions:

  1. How can communities best support positive outcomes for court and gang-involved youth and adults?
  2. How can communities best share responsibility for neighborhood safety?
  3. How can our juvenile justice resources be most effectively reinvested in communities where youth violence is most concentrated?

Informed by Science

Directly informed by the latest science on childhood trauma, the RJ Hubs model is designed as a strategy for helping people move beyond the effects of adverse childhood experiences, guiding them towards sustainable healing and growth.

Why it Matters

Restorative justice benefits society because it aims to create engaged, thriving communities that are equipped with the resources to support human potential.

The activities of the RJ Hubs are grounded in the following five pillars (or principles), which are essential in reducing violence and holistically supporting individuals. They are:

5 Pillars

Radical Hospitality

providing a welcoming and hospitable place


of youth and adults in their journey

Building Relationships

with youth, adults and family

Relentless Engagement

of systems and stakeholders

Learning Community

collaboration and learning with other RJ Hubs

We Are the RJ Hubs Collaborative  

Direct Service Providers:

  • Alliance of Local Service Organizations
  • Circles and Ciphers
  • Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
  • New Life Centers of Chicagoland
  • Precious Blood Ministry for Reconciliation
  • Target Area Development Corporation


  • Adler University Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
  • Austin Coming Together
  • Community Justice for Youth Initiative
  • Circuit Court of Cook County Juvenile Division