Through a restorative justice philosophy, RJ Hubs create safe and healthy community spaces where disconnected and court involved youth and adults experience belonging, opportunity and positive transformation.


Restorative Justice Hubs create healthy and nurturing communities where youth and adults are welcomed and supported. Youth, adults and families are engaged in pro-social, hospitable, and supportive ways that facilitate expression and support in becoming responsible members of their community.

This vision will be realized through:

  • Restorative justice philosophy and practices as the foundation for the RJ Hubs.
  • Recognizing that violence causes trauma and trauma causes violence; hurt people hurt people.
  • Community members taking the lead in creating safe and welcoming spaces within the community.
  • Engaging and collaborating with community and systems resources.
  • Building, restoring and strengthening relationships.
  • Rooting hospitality and accompaniment in the mission.
  • Promoting increased connection and belonging to the community.
  • Engaging in peacemaking efforts within the community.
  • Advocating for the reinvestment of justice dollars to build community capacity.
  • Evaluating and measuring the impact of these efforts on the safety and well being of the community.
  • Practices that promote healing.