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Restorative Justice Hubs:
Building Connections for Stronger Communities

It’s time to invest in human potential—not in punishment and isolation. Now more than ever it’s time to invest in something that works. Restorative justice is part of the solution for reducing violence while reducing admissions into the courts and detention.

RJ Hubs is a collective that believes transformation is achieved when communities have the resources and capacity to resolve crime and conflict without the use of costly confinement and mass incarceration.

By the Numbers


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Why It Matters

Restorative justice benefits society. This approach aims to create engaged, thriving communities that are equipped with the resources to support human potential.

What We're Doing

Addressing Childhood Trauma

Directly informed by the latest science on childhood trauma, the RJ Hubs model is designed as a strategy for helping people move beyond the effects of adverse childhood experiences.

Creating Safe Spaces

Youth and adults are supported in building healthy relationships and expressing themselves in welcoming and hospitable spaces as they commit to the journey of healing and growth.

Developing Skills & Competencies

We engage youth and adults in claiming their full potential as forces for positive change through the provision of essential initiatives that focus on development, mental health, advocacy, and education, among others.

Informing Legislators & Policymakers

We collaborate with communities and engage with legislators and policymakers to influence, create and improve policies that help repair systemic harm.

Supporting Sustainable Healing & Growth

Community-led restorative justice engages all members of the community in conflict resolution and opportunities for positive transformation.


Data is continually collected and analyzed to measure the collective impact of the RJ Hubs, in collaboration with CiviCore and Adler University’s Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice. For more information, contact Joshua Brooks at jbrooks@adler.edu or Danielle Nesi at dnesi@adler.edu


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